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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Remember the Red Bomber

Let's face it. When talking assistant coaches, only other coaches know who the real propsects are. These guys aren't on the field on game day. Many of them are in a booth hidden from plain view. And while we may blame them for game plans or play calls, you always have to ask if the head coach stepped in and made the decision.

So what do we know about Jason Garrett? He's liked, make that loved, as a coach by his peers. Something Powerhouse writer Jared already demonstrated. Beyond that, we know he gave us one of the greatest non-Super Bowl games in Dallas Cowboy history. Remember that Thanksgiving he stepped in against the Packers and did his best Clint Longley impression to give our 'Boys a key win in what I will call the good ol' days in another decade.

But what are his coaching qualifications:

1) Experience- What you say he's only held one coaching job as Miami's quarterback coach? You say Dante Culpepper and Joey Harrington weren't great quarterbacks this year? Never fear. He has 13 years of clipboard carrying experience as a backup QB in the NFL, a job which includes signaling plays, which will be his main role if Mr. Jones decides to wait on making him the head coach. Hey he was holding a clipboard long before Sean Payton gave up his attempt at ruling the Arena League. The only question is can he work a clipboard and a headset at the same time.

2) Loved by his peers- I know I already mentioned this. But if you consider two front runners, it makes some sense. Wade Phillips knows Garrett and says he would love to work with him. Norv Turner is great friends with Garrett and tried to hire him while in Oakland. And in case you didn't notice, it doesn't make a lot of sense to hire your offensive coordinator before your head coach. But it can work if you hire a head coach who already likes your offensive coordinator.

3) Gun Slinger mentality- If you watched the 1994 Thanksgiving Day game against the Packers, you saw this. He only led the offense to a franchise record 36 points in the second half. This by going downfield with abandon. The guy played with no fear and with great smarts. He just didn't have the physical tools to be an NFL regular. He now comes to a team boasting a quarterback with a similar mentality and needing a mentor now that assistant coach David Lee is gone. He'll, also, likely use that mindset in his play calling as well, something the Tuna knew little of.

4) Ivy League pedigree- I know he's not a politician. But what's T.O. going to do when he rants about not getting the ball and Garrett responds with something like this: "You see Terrell, while you appeared open, Tony realized the velocity of his average projectile relative to the velocity and 38.5 degree angle to the location of the throw would have resulted in an interception. Had you run your route with the proper parabolic curve the equation would have been much different resulting in a touchdown, assuming you send the proper sensory signal from your brain to your ulnar, median, and radial nerves causing your phalanx bones in your manus to grip at the precise time the ball arrives on your hands."

So there you have the Red Bomber's resume. I like the hire for nostalgia. I guess we'll find out if its a good football move in a few months.

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Blogger Jarred Dunn said...

I don't know.
It seems really odd to hire your offensive coordinator before even interviewing your head coaching candidate.
I know the arguments that attempt to dispute this - it's been done before, everyone knows everyone else in the insular coaching world, etc.
But Parcells was the first coach in the Jerry Jones era to have to write INTO his contract total control over hiring and firing of assistants.
The Tuna era was obviously a failure, but still... isn't the perception that the coach is totally in charge half the battle in winning a war of wills with egomaniacal players? Or does this not matter anymore, as long as you have a winning system in place?
I think it does matter. It has the potential of creating even more disfunction in the Cowboys staff.
I sincerely hope this doesn't portend a return to the Gailey/Campo era. (*shudder*)

12:52 PM  

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