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Friday, February 02, 2007

Here Come the Yanks


The second most hated sports owner in Dallas purchases a soccer team.

I suppose I should give Tom Hicks a pass on this since he is, technically, a Longhorn alum. But seriously - won't the Brits hate that a Yank owns such a storied franchise like Liverpool? His ownership of the Stars has had success, while the Texas Rangers remain mired in baseball hell.

Now, Hicks can institute his patented "bid against myself" free agent courtship across the pond. I simply cannot wait to hear about some colossally huge contract that an aging soccer star receives to finish out his career in Liverpool. The English Premier League will absolutely adore this man.

Just one word of advice to Mr. Hicks - study up on your soccer chants, pronto. I recommend this one:

We don't carry bottles,
We don't carry lead,
We only carry hatchets,
To bury in your head,
We are the supporters,
Fanatics every one,
We all hate Man City,
And Leeds and Everton,
We are the kings of Europe,
The pride of Merseyside,
We'll fight for no surrender,
We'll fight for Shankly's pride,
We hate Tottenham Hotspur,
We hate Chelsea too,
But most of all we hate the sh*te,
Who play in royal blue.

Awe. Some. I can't even understand most of it. We need some good old fashioned hooliganism over here in the states.

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Anonymous Dice-K said...

I think Hicks will likely build a new stadium for Liverpool, one in which even the goalkeepers will be able to score from their own endlines.

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know a Jarred Dunn from Liverpool who's a huge LFC supporter. Kinda funny.

2:13 PM  

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