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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Turco: Resurrection

Well, we could talk about about the Mavs absolutely passionless loss tonight. But it's one game in a seven-game series. If it repeats in Game Two, then we have a story.

We could talk about the Rangers big win and the fact they face Cha Seung Baek, who helped bring their near-miraculous 2004 season to an end, tomorrow. But we'll recap the Ranger's last five games tomorrow.

The topic du jour is the Dallas Stars going to British Columbia for Game Seven against the Vancouver Canucks. They have fought back from a 3-1 deficit and now look to get Dave Tippett's and Marty Turco's first round monkey off their backs.

And what an incredible way to reach the elimination game. First, they snap their playoff overtime losing streak. Then, the Stars snap their home playoff game losing streak. I say they. But, for once, it has been Turco's doing with back-to-back shutouts. It also has a little to do with Coach Tippett finally remembering that Mike Ribeiro and Vladislav Nagy make for a formidable duo on the ice.

But it's Game Seven, Turco has three shutouts in the series and you have to think the pressure is off the goaltender. I mean, he's the only man on the team that has played at a high level. The pressure is now on the mates to do something. Doesn't mean Turco can take the night off. Just means we better lay off Turco whatever happens.

So, Mikie Mo and the boys. We're calling you out for Monday night. Make us proud.

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