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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Very Brief Rangers Report

Well, sometimes you consider what's worth doing. For me, life has been busy, the Mavs may be out of the first round shortly after the Stars bowed out in the first round, and the Rangers have a firm grip a piss poor AL West cellar. I've decided it's not worth updating the Rangers every five days or so.

But maybe I have the heart to report monthly on the thus far failed Ron Washington-Jon Daniels experiment.

There is not one part of the team clicking at this time: offense, defense, bullpen, or starting pitching. The Rangers' all stars Michael Young and Mark Teixiera have posted pitiful first months. The overrated Hank Blalock is sliding into the mediocrity we should expect from him. Veterans Brad Wilkerson and Kenny Lofton have faltered. Young starters Nelson Cruz and Gerald Laird are struggling. The lone positives: potential all star Ian Kinsler and the now ageless Sammy Sosa.

As for the starters, Kevin Millwood and Vicente Padilla have underachieved. Kam Loe and Brandon McCarthy appear overrated. Bright spots? Robinson Tejeda is looks like Jon Daniels' one great trade. Mike Wood made a solid spot start against the Yankees today despite taking the loss.

So take a deep breath and laugh folks. It's all we have.


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