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Thursday, May 31, 2007

You Just Thought the West was Tough

Did you see the NBA Lottery?

Neither did I. Watching it is the biggest kick in the arse. But I saw the results. And the results weren't pretty.

No, I'm not talking about how Boston and Philadelphia got the shaft in the lottery. After all, I'm not from the East coast so I don't the argument that the NBA NEEDS Boston, Philly, and NY to be good in order to survive. Those teams have history and that's good. But that's it. The NBA seems to being mighty well with the elite teams they have now. Though, if King James wasn't still battling they might be in trouble.

Actually, I'm talking about how Portland and Seattle, two Western Conference teams, hit the lottery and are in position to draft Greg Oden and Kevin Durant. Add in the fact Jermaine O'Neal is like going to LA, and the West just got a whole lot tougher.

And the Mavericks better see this as a challenge. That doesn't mean they should necessarily blow up their roster. After all, they are a year removed from a finals berth. But they must be of one mind in understanding, if they don't address glaring deficiencies, they could fall back in the pack. If that means trading for Portland's third wheel Zah Randolph, then so be it.

Randolph averaged 23 points and 10 rebounds this season and has a well above average post-up game and a perimeter shot to respect. His presence could free up Dirk Nowtizki to do what he does best. He comes with baggage, but so did Rasheed Wallace and Detroit would not have won a title without him. And you tend to think Avery Johnson could mold him into a solid defender.

The good news is the Mavs and Trailblazers are already talking. Now, we'll see if they get a deal done.

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Anonymous garrett said...

If the Spurs lose to Cleveland, the West dominance over the past year will be all for not. Dallas, Phoenix, Spurs, Houston and Utah all dominated Eastern Conference teams and to lose in the finals would be a big blow. I am rooting for King James because I hate the Spurs but it shouldn't have even gotten to this point.

9:13 PM  
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